Retrieve the responses to a survey.

responses(design_object, use_labels = TRUE, verbose = FALSE,
  key = Sys.getenv("QUALTRICS_KEY"),
  subdomain = Sys.getenv("QUALTRICS_SUBDOMAIN"), ...)



A qualtrics_design-class object retrieved from Qualtrics by design.


Use question labels and choice descriptions (default), instead of question and identifiers.


Print progress.


A Qualtrics API key (by default, the value of the environment variable QUALTRICS_KEY).


A Qualtrics subdomain (by default, the value of the environment variable QUALTRICS_SUBDOMAIN).


Additional parameters for the responseexports API.


A table of survey responses.


Implementation: responses requests that Qualtrics prepare a zipfile for download; once it is ready, the archive is downloaded to a location given by tempfile and unzipped; its JSON contents read and parsed; and the temporary files deleted.

By default, descriptive question labels and choice descriptions are requested instead of question ids and choice codes. This is controlled by argument use_labels.

Other documented Qualtrics API parameters that affect the format of survey responses are available. For example, passing seenUnansweredRecode = "99" in the call to responses will show "99" as the response to unanswered questions instead of NA, the default. The parameters that cannot be changed via ... are surveyId (exposed as argument id), useLabels (exposed as argument use_labels), and format, (which must be json).

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