qsurvey 0.0.4

  • Update tests for minor changes to Qualtrics API
  • Specify encoding = "UTF-8" in httr::content() calls

qsurvey 0.0.3

  • Properly export print S3 for qualtrics_design objects
  • Properly handle open-ended questions correctly in choices()
  • Serve CRAN badge over https on static site

qsurvey 0.0.2

  • Add covr to .travis.yml
  • Add designs.Rmd and responses.Rmd vignettes
  • Add examples in documentation
  • Add inst/CITATION
  • Add NEWS.md
  • Name variables more consistently across function outputs
  • Organize pkgdown reference
  • README.Rmd: add see-also links, Travis and CRAN badges
  • Send print.qualtrics_design output via message()
  • Use .R extensions

qsurvey 0.0.1

  • First release